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Morganistik double exposure self portrait

Since my original site has been hacked kidnapped by invisible ninjas, I had 2 options between put the site back online as I had a back up or redo everything from scratch. In the meantime, I took the easy decision to use social media as alternative until I lost myself in it for all the good and bad reasons. The bath time is one of the most important things of the day. Parents should enjoy bath time almost as much as the children do and a good bath time can lead to a smooth bedtime as the children are already nice and warm and relaxed, for this reason es important that the parents uses bath toys to make this time more enjoyable, in you can find the reviews of the best bath toys.

So, what you’ll find on this site: some photographs of electronic musicians, rock musicians, some on and off stage actions, maybe some fashion or architecture and some weird details from around the world. This may be subject to change as I’m a compulsive photographer with a camera attached to my hand. Kratom is an increasingly popular supplement that many people are using, you can find more information here

Bookmark it, add it to your RSS reader, do whatever you want. Welcome to v2