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Wasn’t civilized with Justice

April 4th, 2011 | Posted in Fashion,Music,Pictures
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Morganistik says: Today the new Justice single “Civilization” is out. Only I wasn’t very civilized when I took that picture, let me explain:

We were just going out of a fashion show a few days ago and when you change of place, you must redo your camera settings for the lights. So you find someone and you shoot. And this someone that night was Gaspard from Justice.

I usually ask before I take a picture but I was still in fashion show mode, shooting all that moved so this one time I didn’t. Once I realized how rude I was, I then asked: can I? And he replied: you just did. :) Shame shame shame on me, I just became one of those uncivilized photographers that I never wanted to be.

I sent him very flat apologies and he asked me for the picture saying no worries. I think we’re good now. And speaking of good, go buy the new Justice single “Civilization” out today, not because it’s the new Adidas campain but because we waited 2 years for this new baby and he sounds goooood.

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