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Patricia van der Vliet

Morganistik says: One part of being a fashion week photographer is to have the luck to go to designers showrooms before the shows and witness the work process. Sometimes it’s one or two nights before the show and lots of details are not ready yet, everybody working like in an ant colony to have all ready the morning after for the show. So one of those nights, I was working for Vogue UK and I had the privilège to go visit Cedric Charlier (ex artistic director of Cacharel) in his showroom before the launch of his debut eponym collection.
One of the girls who came to try the clothes was the beautiful Dutch model who was opening the show: Patricia van der Vliet (Elite and ex contestant of Holland’s next top model). In those moments with the models you create quick this intimate relation and talk pretty much about everything. And at that moment she told me it was weird for her to see herself with black short hair as all her life she was blond with long hair but she had to cut them for a show in NYC. And not only that but also dye her eyebrows. I told her why would she do that for only one show? And she replied this wonderful sentence that still echoes in my head: “I did it for Calvin“.
I still makes me smile when I think of this sentence because she had a point: what wouldn’t we do for Calvin? And then I thought, some people are so famous that their first name is enough for everyone to guess their last name…

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November 4th, 2013 | Posted in Music,Pictures
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Morganistik says: I just love Gesaffelstein.
The first time I saw his name, I asked who is that new guy and a friend told me he was the new sensation from Turbo Records. Then I learned he was part of The Hacker’s new label Zone. And since the beginning I love his tortured dark electro sounds. His music is just pure power.
His first album “Aleph” is just out, vinyl available tomorrow. And of course like all the mysterious music producers who avoid the press, people go crazy for him, and dramas are already full on. But seriously, who cares? The kids makes really good music and he returns the dancefloors each time he DJs.
I got the chance to spend a crazy cool night when he played in Berlin at Gretchen. Maybe I was a bit too impressed to ask him pictures but the right moment came backstage after his set. And when his eyes look at your camera, the world just stops turning.

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Jonathan Henry

Morganistik says: Last week I was shooting the making of a movie directed by fashion designer Charlie le Mindu. During a break I went outside and saw a few crazy jumps happen in front of me. It was Jonathan Henry warming up before his scene. So I asked him if he could redo those jumps for a photo.
Jonathan is 24, model and actor, expert in Martial Arts. He’s one of those guys you see fighting in Kung Fu movies or in Nike TV spots. And you’d never believe they actually do those ultra fast moves until they do them in front of you.
Usually the models I meet tell me they had to cut their hair “for Calvin Klein” or why they had to bleach they eyebrows. But Jonathan told me he used to have long hair until he got selected to become a disciple in Quanzhou Shaolin Temple in China and that the monks shaved his head. After all, those fighters also have their own fashion codes.

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Karlie Kloss

March 30th, 2012 | Posted in Fashion,Pictures
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Morganistik says:Karlie Kloss, top model currently ranking #3, gave a perfect last look to the photographers during the finale at Paco Rabanne Fall Winter 2012/2013 show. Stunning girl with phenomenal walk. My camera loves her.

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Torre Calatrava

Morganistik says: photography is basically to be at the right time at the right place. You can anticipate this or it can be some great luck. Just like that day in June at 4.26pm, I was walking in Barcelona at Montjuic neighborhood when I noticed the sun was right on top of the telecommunication tower also known as Torre Calatrava.
This 136 meters high tower was built in 1992 by the architect Santiago Calatrava to transmit the TV coverage of the olympic games. It’s representing an athlete holding the olympic flame. And that day, it was holding the biggest flame in the universe.

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